Sebastián Guerrini

Sebastian Guerrini was born in Argentina in 1965.

He is a Designer in Visual Communications and PhD in Communication and Image Studies (Kent University, UK).

He studied in Argentina, The Netherlands and England. He recently obtained his PhD, where he researched the link between national identity and image.

His first formal contact with art began with dialogues and advice received by Cleto Ciocchini and Miguel Ángel Elgarte. In adolescence Guerrini studied drawing and painting with Miguel Ángel Alzugaray. Afterwards he studied Visual Communication Design at the National University of La Plata, Visual Communication Technology in Groningen, Holland, and his Doctorate (Anthropology of image).

Since the age of 16, Sebastian Guerrini works as a drawer for Argentinean and Spanish magazines, focusing his work within the field of design from which Guerrini draws his symbols and art in his projects. These images are presently in published works within 14 countries around the world.

Guerrini’s drawings make up of collections in Argentina, the United States and Italy. His drawings have integrated him in the selected “Twelve Argentinean Illustrators with international influence”, recognized by the magazine IdN World (2006). Alone, his designs distinguish him as one of the top representative designers of the new Argentinean design, selected by the Metropolitan Centre of Design of Buenos Aires. To that effect, his work has been published in specialized magazines in England, Germany, the USA, Canada, Mexico, China and Japan.

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